Traffic Generation

We create a steady stream of qualified target customer traffic via paid and organic campaigns that convert. If you’re looking for new clients or for new customers we build platforms that perform.

An old proverb asks, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it actually make a sound?" If your site is live but no one is visiting or buying, then does it really matter?

There are two active methods of procuring traffic to your site: organic and paid. Organic marketing includes most methods of online marketing where there is no payment to the platform, such as unboosted Facebook posts or search engine optimization. On the other hand, paid traffic is acquired through ads. There is a third method of traffic procurement which happens to be passive rather than active: content creation. Significant and regular site updates can eventually help to encourage other sites to link to your own, though this can take some time.

Our Process

Context Briefing

Each marketing plan is unique and can range from a single short-term engagement to a flexible long-term retainer. We form a holistic strategy customized to your website through our context briefing process. This process is a structured workshop with as many stakeholders in the project as possible, from both our side and yours. During this workshop, we'll lead a discussion that takes us through your business, your brand, and your goals. We'll ask detailed and open-ended questions with the goal of learning pieces of information that you may not have even thought to share. The idea is that after this thorough on-boarding, our team can act as a seamless extension of your brand. Based on our learnings from the context briefing, as well as parameters such as your advertising budget, we'll make a recommendation and get to work.


Our engagement begins with a setup phase, which is key to the project's success. During this phase, we will be performing one-time activities that establish a solid baseline for success moving forward. For organic projects, these activities center around finding and making on-page optimizations, such as meta titles and descriptions, CSS structure, open graph sharing images, and other key components. For paid media retainers, the setup phase is the vital period during which we prepare ads and set up your account, create landing pages, define conversion events, and architect your funnel.

Over time, we'll continue to monitor and optimize these areas of your website to ensure continued performance. However, it's important to take the time to understand, construct, and optimize thoroughly at the beginning of the project to ensure a positive return on your marketing investment.

Ongoing Success

At this point in the project, we begin executing on our primary goals, which may include paid ads, SEO, blog copywriting, or anything else in your statement of work.

As we move forward, you can monitor our progress and success from your client portal 24/7. With most projects, we also offer a regular cadence of live meetings, where we'll walk through the most recent results and break down what they mean, as well as be available to answer any questions that you have around the project.

How We Can Help


  • tracking installation
  • tag management
  • analytics auditing
  • segment building and audience tracking
  • funnel building and tracking
  • data analysis and action recommendations

Paid Online Advertising

  • advertising strategy
  • social advertising
  • search advertising
  • performance tracking
  • keyword analysis
  • data analysis and action recommendations

Organic Online Promotion

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • social media profile building
  • social media content creation and posting
  • Local Search Engine Optimization and directory listings
  • Google My Business

Content Creation

  • landing page design and development
  • copywriting
  • marketing email creation and management
  • blogging

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