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Becky A. Moshier, owner of Moshier Law Office, PLLC, is a bankruptcy law firm in St. Paul, MN. Ms. Moshier works closely with her clients to reduce the stigma and mental anguish around bankruptcy and help her clients, who are good people going through tough times, find financial relief.

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The Challenge

Our goal with the Moshier Law Firm website was to increase conversions, which were measured as the number of email and phone call leads. We redesigned the homepage and contact page without touching the already high content on other parts of the site in order to achieve those results.

The site presented an opportunity to modernize the Moshier Law Firm’s brand and to improve the user experience of the site, thereby increasing conversion.

The Moshier Law Firm last updated their website over five years ago, when they made minor changes centered around adding a true mobile experience. The last overhaul of the site’s design came years before even that. Although the site offers excellent educational content, its appearance undermined the firm’s credibility and modernity.

We wanted to solve these design problems without updating pages other than the homepage and the contact page, the two most important and fundamental pages on the site. Other pages would inherit the updates, such as the new logo and header in order to create the feeling of a cohesive website; but we would not update older content, so it was key to do these important pages justice.

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The Solution

We set out to create a custom designed homepage and contact page that are focused on conversion and use a design that extends well to the header and footer on other pages of the website in order to create a cohesive overall experience.

Our custom homepage design exposes the most important information right at the top of the page in a visually compelling format. The site aims to rank highly in organic search results with the important keywords “Bankruptcy Attorney” in the H1 style. We’ve added “St. Paul and Minneapolis” as important location indicators for local search SEO. The paragraph in this section is emotionally compelling rather than SEO-driven and the firm’s social proof comes in the form of Avvo rating badges that are prominently displayed. The new “Get your FREE consultation” Call-To-Action immediately engages potential visitors and gives them the opportunity to make contact right away. Finally, Ms. Moshier’s photo appears on desktop where there is extra screen estate compared to mobile and gives visitors a quick look at the human behind the brand while reinforcing that the firm is woman-owned.

The homepage features an Expertise module that highlights six key areas of Ms. Moshier’s practice and provides quick-hitting information to help prospective clients identify her as qualified and experienced in solving their specific problems. The page also features an outline of four simple steps that break down the bankruptcy process to help people considering the option feel at ease. Next, the page discusses Ms. Moshier’s accreditations and qualifications, shows a counter of the number of cases she’s filed, and shares positive social proof from her previous clients. Finally, the page ends with a simple module to start the process with just a bit of basic information. In other words, the page moves from information about bankruptcy in general into more specifics about working with the Moshier Law Firm and ultimately provides a second opportunity to make contact right from the homepage.

Similarly, the redesigned contact page focuses on reiterating Ms. Moshier’s qualifications and the reasons to get in touch, provides numerous mediums to reach the firm, and shows the scheduling module once again, making it easy and risk-free for prospective clients to start taking action right away.

The Results

The new site has only just launched, so while we would love to lay claim to massive increases in conversion, we can’t claim that just yet. Nonetheless, we remain optimistic that the site, with its easier and more streamlined contact options and more modern and authoritative design, will facilitate improved contact from prospective clients by increasing encouragement and reducing friction. In the days since launch, the new contact page is significantly outperforming the old one in terms of traffic, and our team believes that this is the first sign of great success ahead of the Moshier Law Firm.

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