5 automations to improve your online ad performance in 10 minutes

June 24, 2020

5 automations to improve your online ad performance in 10 minutes

Paid online ads remain one of the most effective methods to increasing website traffic. But in order to achieve a positive return on that ad spend investment, it’s often necessary to spend countless hours twiddling with exact settings for creative, audience, and other ad minutiae. It’s likely you know that all too well if you maintain your ads yourself.

Automation can help save you energy, time, and money in maintaining your ads. These suggestions are simple to set up and can improve your ad performance immensely! Take a look at these tips:

  1. Use the weather to your advantage.
    In the words of the folks at Webmasteri Prange, “the weather is an essential environmental factor. Mood, activities, and our purchasing behavior are significantly influenced. When it’s warm, we eat ice cream and wear t-shirts. If it’s cold, we wear coats and drink hot drinks.” If your product sales change based on the weather, you should bring that data into Google Ads, and this script makes it simple to customize when your ads appear and what they say based on local users’ weather.
  2. Use Ad Customizers to better target your potential customers.
    An ad customizer is a system to adapt your ads to the context they’re searching for. While you could set up a similar system manually, automated ad customizers make it possible to easily scale to hundreds of possible variations and maintain reports on effectiveness. This could be tedious and cumbersome to do manually. Customizers can be set up to display products for a current sale, see specific item details based on a customer’s search query, or show location-specific pricing and pick-up availability, as a couple of examples. Ad Customizers are a native feature of Google Ads and you can see more here:
  3. Auto-Add Negative Keywords
    Google tries to improve ad performance by placing ads on similar queries to the terms you actively choose to bid on. They don’t make it easy to disable this system, even if you know that only your exactly specified terms tend to perform. This script can help by automatically adding negative keywords for any phrases that don’t include keywords you explicitly specify.
  4. Make a Heatmap of Your Ad Data
    It can be much easier to understand your data when it is visualized and composited and to that end, we have a script that will give you a quick 50k foot view of your ad performance data to help you quickly spot trends, successes, and areas for improvement.
  5. Find and Execute New Opportunities with One Click
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) might one day be able to completely run your online ads. For today, we still need to spend time ensuring that our campaigns are set up correctly. As much as these first four scripts can help, perhaps the most powerful script in our list is a platform called Adzooma which connects to both your Google Ads and Facebook accounts, then checks on your ads and their performance and generates lists of opportunities that it can execute automatically on your behalf with just a single click.

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